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Why Use Pop-Under Ads to Increase Your Site's Revenue?

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Pop-under ads a BIG no-no for your site? I have read that many bloggers do not encourage using pop-under ads for a blog because it shoo away readers, that it makes your blog rubbish and all those negative things. So, I haven't tried it for more than a year. I did not even bother to read reviews about them. But when my other site became active with visitors (a 3000 traffic a day for me is already heaven), I started getting ideas on how I can grab that opportunity to earn some few bucks (life is quite tough for me nowadays, uh). So, I tried two pop-under ads and I can say that they worked for me.

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The Blog Involved
The site where I tested the ads is a how-to site but it was not approved by Google Adsense because most of my posts are about bypassing the internet networks in my country and rooting and customizing gadgets. I installed Adsense alternatives like Infolinks and to generate income. provides income for PPC and Infolinks for the CPM. My traffic is mostly Asian followed by US and UK users. But all traffic are from organic search engine results. Yes, I do not post in social medias or forum to link with my blog just to get traffic.

How I Came to Use Pop-Under Ads?
I did my research and read forum posts and reviews on different monetization ways for my blog. Affiliate marketing will not work as I am not selling something, I am just guiding users on how they can maximize their gadgets. Then I read about pop-under ads. I remembered that I registered to Infinityads wayback in 2012. So, I look over my emails and visited the site. Goodness, my account still working and my previous earnings are still intact! I installed their code for a week and saw that I am earning more with it than with my Infolinks (If you want to know more about Infolinks earning, go here). But this change did not stop me to try another network. I removed the Infinityads code and registered to as a publisher. I read that the is good for blogs/websites with Asian traffic which my site is. I customized the ads to show only 5 ads per day to the same IP for testing purposes. Then my earnings became better everyday. provided me with higher everyday earnings maybe because they pay higher for my Asian traffic?? I don't know, I can't find their rates table from their site. I can earn even higher if I did not limit the ads to be shown per IP! The good thing with is that they will not be shown unless a visitor click any link from your website. It will not be a nuisance when your visitor is just scrolling and reading your blog but you won't earn any income if this is the case. The network also have a low minimum cashout of $5 paid everyday if you can make this much each day.

How to Earn from Pop-Under Ads?
Earning from pop-under ads is more easy than the other ad serving platform. This marketing technique keeps your site neat from all those banner and text link ads. The ads will not be shown unless a reader clicked any of your blog links but the earnings are counted the same, per 1000 impression. boasts to publishers that they can give them a CPM of not lower than $4 per 1000 unique US visitors, cool isn't it?

When you register as a publisher in, you only have to wait a few hours before your blog/site will be approved then you can start using their codes to show ads. Installation of code is also easy. You only have to copy it to one of your blog HTML/Javascript element and you are done. Ads will be shown right away!

Ranking in Search Engine is Not Affected
So, to check with what I have read from other blogs that pop-under ads is not encouraged in blogs as it tends to lose visitors, I monitored my blog stat. Checking everyday for two weeks for any drop in visitors, I found that my traffic is not affected negatively. In fact, my blog was still able to manage some increase in visitors. I even gained a few up rank in TopBlogs. The pop-under ads did not compromise my SEO ranking! I think that when you have a good and useful content, you can retain the interest of your readers. The ads will not push them away but rather can keep them interested in what it offers.

Here is my a proof of income from It is given automatically after you've reached the minimum threshold for cashout ($5). You can even set the threshold higher if you feel like it. I have been issued two payments already within two weeks of using their pop-unders., Proof of income, proof, payment, legit
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You can try and see if it will also bring good income to your blog. I did not bother removing the code from my blog after I saw through this opportunity.

Drop me a comment below with your experiences with pop-under ads or
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  1. is the ads show in mobile browser? thank

    1. I don't think it shows in mobile.

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