Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Learn Forex Trading Even Without Investment But Earning Real Money?

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Forex Market Trading was a world so big and often unpredictable (for me). So, I started reading about it and dare say that I can even hone my analytical skills with it. Those payment proofs you see from Forex traders are really enticing. You can even see their ads boasting of earning thousand of dollars within seconds. Possible? Yes, it is possible and their incomes are legit and an expression of how good they are as predictors of market behaviors. But this market world can either suck your wallet up or add thousand dollars to your income. Either of which, the risk involved is high and you have to have lots of guts and geared with an analytical mind to be a trader yourself.

SparkProfit Market. Click to enlarge.
How to Be a Forex Market Trader Starting From Scratch?
If you want to learn the art of Forex trading, you can use the SparkProfit platform. It lets you trade with no money involved, absolutely FREE to join but you can earn real money in the end. You only need to earn points and convert them to dollars at the end of the week. SparkProfit offers various market in Forex and commodities trading such as JPY/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, BTC, S&P500, Nikkei225, EuroStoxx50, Copper, Oil and Gold. Once you earned points, you can use that to put higher bets and multiplier on your next trades. Even without points (zero), you can still put your predictions for the market behavior.

How Forex Trading Works?
Forex Market is open only during the weekdays except for BTC which is open everyday. In SparkProfit, you can only put your predictions in five markets out of the 11 available so make your predictions worth the activity. SparkProfit app is available for both desktop and Android gadgets users. You can trade even if you are on-the-go or just killing time. It will not require lots of time, 10 minutes will be enough. Trading is very easy, you just have to point the movement of a Forex/Commodity value to either increase or decrease to a certain amount. If your prediction is correct, you earn the points you have indicated and multiplied up to three times if you have chosen to have the multiplier. There's also a small initial cost with each prediction you make, it's like an entrance fee before you play the game. If you look at it the easy way, you're only dealing with binary options (up or down). The only challenge is to what extent it can go up before it goes down or the other way around. I put my predictions to around 5,000-20,000 points always. If I am quite sure that the market will surge, I max it to 20K points.

forex, trading platform, free trading, no investment
Trading predictions and the points involved. Click to enlarge.
Trading is like playing a game, you enjoy it as well as you learn from your mistakes. It's a gamble so better be wise. You have to read about the factors that affect the movement of the Forex/Commodity market like environmental disasters, investments, and other things. You can also read predictions from other site and adapt it to your understanding.

Trading After SparkProfit
Once you gained the confidence and learned the art of trading in Forex Market, you can opt to trade with real money. You can say that you are ready once your SparkProfit Skill Meter is about 75% (you can see this in your SparkProfit profile). With that skill percentage, you can have more winnings than loses. But always remember that this market involves a lot at stake so predict with only the amount you can dare lose. 

Head on to SparkProfit and place your first prediction now.

Drop me a comment below with your trading experiences or your problems regarding the site. 
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