Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Earn from Infolinks through eCPM?

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What is Infolinks?
Infolinks is an advertsing platform which is engaged in showing campaigns that does not sacrifice the integrity of the website by showing annoying ads in the page.

What are the Ad Unit Choices?
They offer different ways of monetizing your blog such as Inframe (new), InSearch, InTag and InText. These ad units are not like the classic banners we are familiar with because it uses less space. Ads can appear when a reader hovers over a word in your post (InText), when a reader reach the bottom of your post and hovers over the tags there (InTag), or when a reader landed  your site through a search engine (InSearch). InFrame is a brand new earning facility which generates ads through the unused or vacant left and right margins of your blog layout. The ads are only visible to readers who use widescreen desktop or laptop monitors when they browse your site. Even if the ads in Inframe are always on display as readers scroll your pages, they move comfortably with the eyes. They also have InScreen now which shows ads as readers enter or exit the site. Infolinks ads are very minimalist but you earn in many ways while you keep your site's decency.

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How to Earn:
You can earn from Infolinks through eCPM or the number of times your readers hover over the word and allows the ad to show and be clicked. Their eCPM is also higher than Kontera or Vibrant Media. They pay every 45 days when your balance reach the minimum threshold which is either USD50 (for Paypal, ACH  for US resident, Payoneer or eCheck) or USD100 (for Bank Wire or Western Union). Also, they have an exclusive Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard on which they can make payments free of charge. 

You can also customize their ads by changing the color of your ads to blend with your blog theme. If you are using Intext ads, better to use the dotted lines instead of the double underline option because the double underline uses a bit more space. 

Infolinks now have a downloadable mobile application for Android phones and iPhone that you can use to view your Infolinks reports, clicks and impressions on the go. 

How to Place Their Ads in Your Blog?
Infolinks is popular with the business tag of "One-Minute Integration". No need to worry about those HTML codes or javascript for they will do all these after you put their code inside your blog template. A single code to turn on or off ALL their ad types. You put the code in your blog then manipulate it through your Infolinks dashboard/account. Once you signed up, you will be given a code for you to copy and paste it before the </body> tag in your template. And that's it. 

Have your account now and you will no longer need for other ad network. It's all in there in a simple but effective way to monetize your blog. Sign-up at Infolinks
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  1. nice information on how to make money with going to try this one on ma blog @

  2. I haven't tried inframe but thanks for the information, will your site earn more with inframe?

    1. Yes, the rate is higher with inframe. try them also..

  3. not see inframe ads on my blog why

  4. Thanks for your great information about infolinks I used it too but still not understand much but now better understand but still wait how it will pay.

  5. Thanks for sharing about infolinks, never heard of infolinks but i am looking for alternatives to monetize my blog. Again thanks for sharing!

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