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Earn from Clicks: the Clixsense Earning Guide

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The internet has lots to offer. From simple pleasures of the eyes to marketing strategies to everyday income, the world wide web will never fail you. You just have to choose on how to utilize it. But still, many are not aware that the online income is now becoming a trend among internet users. The internet is not only composed of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo or Youtube; everyday, there are thousands of domains that are being registered and the birth of websites had been growing exponentially as access to internet is becoming widespread.

So, how do those thousands of websites land their posts in the world wide web. You can imagine how big the internet world is and how website owner works just to have his/her website standout from other existing ones. This is where advertising come in. Web owners usually shell out money just to get visits from other users who can be potential buyers or constant visitors in their site. One way of advertising is through the pay-to-click (PTC) and get-paid-to (GPT) sites.

I introduce you to Clixsense!
Clixsense is not only a pay-to-click site, it is a combination of both. You get paid to click, watch videos, answer surveys, complete forms, transcribe, and even identify errors from documents.

The Goods of Clixsense:
1. Elite and paying since 2007. So, no worries of becoming a scam site. Their number of years of service is already an indicator that it can be trusted and that it will pay the amount due to you for the service that you had rendered in their site.
2. You get paid even as a standard member. With $8 minimum earnings to be able to cashout for standard members and $6 minimum earnings for premium members. This minimum threshold can easily be reached for a week or two.
3. They have the cheapest upgrade fee throughout all the PTC and GPT sites. For only $17/year, you can have their Premium membership and have access to their higher rates of bonuses and activity incentives. If you opted to have the premium membership for two years, you can avail the discount of $4 in your purchase, so that gives you $30 for the two-year term. Isn't it great?
4. You can earn even without referrals. You can earn just by yourself.
5. They have an eight levels affiliate program! You earn not only from your downline but also from your downline's referrals.
6. Most of your earnings will not come from PTC alone, you can earn from doing tasks, answering surveys and more to this, they got lots of bonus even if you are just a standard member! You can earn $5 bonus if you earned $50 by doing tasks and you are also given an everyday bonus based on your daily activities and earnings such as viewing PTC ads, clicking 20 squares in the ClixGrid game, completing 10 tasks or 2 offers and visiting the forum. Here is an example:

Checklist bonus in clixsense

But if you decide to upgrade, here's what you can have:
The benefits of a Clixsense Premium Member:
1. Four (4) fixed ads of $0.01 everyday. That alone will earn you, $0.01*365days=$14.60. Additional ads of $0.001-$0.015 everyday (at least ads).
2. 60 Clixgrid chances to earn up to $10.
3. Earn 12% of your daily earnings in the Checklist bonus instead of the 5% bonus as standard member. Like these:
Everyday checklist bonus in clixsense
You can earn more than that depending on the amount of offers or tasks available.
4. Plus unlimited earnings by doing tasks and offers. Offer rates starts from $1 up. If you can accomplish more tasks everyday, you get a chance to win in the Top 10 weekly contest prize of $2-$50 and a chance to earn $5 for every $50 earning from task.
5. If you have referrals, you can earn in their eight levels affiliate program!
6. Additional 1000 ad credits balance in your account to advertise your page in an elite site!

There are a lot of ways to earn from this site with only your time and effort as investment.

How to Earn:
By Doing Tasks.
sample of clixsense task
Just choose the tasks that you know you are capable of, then earn from them. Please watch your accuracy in order not to be kicked out from the task. So, before you hit the SUBMIT button, make sure that you feel confident in your answers. Usually 75% is the minimum accuracy requirement before you can work on a task. And please note that multi-tabbing or doing tasks simultaneously is not allowed. Read the instructions in every task, I'm sure you won't be lost. And also, to improve the number of tasks available for you, answer the skill test to better target the tasks suitable for you. I have updated some tips and tricks to earn more from Clixsense Crowdflower tasks here.

By Doing PTC.
Click some ads and get paid with the amount indicated in it.
Clicking instruction for Clixsense ads

By Completing Offers.

Offers are usually in survey forms. There are no right or wrong answers when answering surveys, just express your opinion and you get to earn from it.

By Clicking the ClixGrid. 
For standard members, the ClixGrid chances is 30 while for Premium members, chances are in 60 clicks.
Click the Clixgrid for a chance to win $10

To convince you more and inspire you about this site, here are some
payment proof clixsense
payment proof clixsense
Proof payment clixsense legit


Frequently asked questions:
1. How do I get paid?
They pay members through Paypal, Paytoo and via Checks.
payment options clixsense

I don't have a Paypal account yet, how will I be paid?
If you don't have a Paypal account, I encourage you to have one. It is very essential in online jobs. You can simply sign up and verify your account later. Easy tutorial on How to verify your Paypal account even without credit card here. You still have other options, you can opt to be paid by check, they send checks internationally.

2. I am very eager to upgrade but I don't have $17 at the moment, what can I do?
I can assure you that within a month or two, you can earn the $17 to purchase a premium membership. And with a premium membership, you can have a chance to double, triple it or more!
3. I have a family member who wants to signup under me, is it possible?
Yes it is possible. If you are sharing the same house, you must have a separate internet router because Clixsense only allows 1 user per IP. So, please NO Multiple account as this can be a reason for suspension.

Some Tips:

1. Get the most of being a Clixsense member. Make sure that you get to complete the activities indicated in your Checklist Bonus for additional earnings.
2. Do higher paying tasks first before the low-paying ones because they disappear quickly. Remember that the tasks available is on first come first earn service.
3. Install the Clixsense toolbar to keep you updated with the number of ads available and not miss the high rate ones.
4. Use all your Clixgrid chances, you might get lucky to win some cash!
5. Read this tutorial to earn more from doing tasks with tips and tricks. 

Drop me a comment below if you have questions regarding the site.  
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  1. It is quite a while that I am using clixsense but, since then I haven't any cash out.

    1. Oh. How much have you earned so far? try making the checklist bonus everytime you work, it will easily give you payouts.

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