Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why the Adsense Link Ads Suddenly Turned Gray and Dull?

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The Google Adsense ads in this blog had suddenly turned gray and dull yesterday. I noticed this change because I had just replaced an image ad with a text link ad to test if it will fare better. I configured the link ad with the default blue and white color scheme. It went well and saw that the colors fit this blog and I left it like that.

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Then after a few hours, I visited this blog again for new comments and saw that the newly installed ad is now gray and different from my previous settings. So, I checked my Adsense account thinking that I might just have activated the wrong color scheme or maybe Adsense had penalized me for the additional ad whatsoever. But instead, I saw in my account that the ad is setup the way I wanted it to look. I searched the web for people who might also be experiencing this scenario and read that other people are also complaining about this change especially in the Google forum. Until now, I am seeing the gray and muted link ads from Adsense not only from this blog but from other sites as well. I hope it's just my browser or my location, and maybe Google can give us an explanation for this change.

Drop me a comment below if you are also encountered this problem.
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